Software update permitting vertical dive

Software update permitting vertical dive by Trident

I’m not sure if this is a request for this feature, or saying it exists, but if it is a request, I second this request, it would be really helpful. My understanding was that the vertical thruster isn’t strong enough for this however so I think it’s a hardware limitation, not software.

I am also afraid it’s not possible with one vertical thruster… ( And yes - it would be really helpful.

I believe it is both a hardware and software issue. First, you would need a second vertical thruster. This would require a fourth motor controller in the board and the software to drive it. I also wish this were available. You might want to look at Blue Robotics for a solution.

Thanks for replies. I thought I had seen an email prior to the merger with SOFAR that stated they were working on a software change. I must be mistaken.

Discussion on thread below with a comment on post by Eric where he mentions sw development to support vertical dives.

If you are working from a boat with a downrigger, I’ve had good luck attaching the Trident to a downrigger line using a downrigger clip (a couple of loops of cable through the clip) that I can break away with a small tug and burst of thrusters. It has gotten me down to 300 feet regularly and then I can cruise around.

What Eric said here remains accurate. Unfortunately we are some way from making this available due for various reasons. Sorry to dangle that, as it were.

Thanks Matthew…I’ll give it a try when the ice goes out .