Software Plan: Week June 13th - June 30 2014


This is a weekly updates that gives a mini roadmap of planned development activity for the week. This is a bit of an experiment to see if it helps everyone get a better feel for activity that is happening in the code base, both internally and from the community.

This weeks high level goals for the cockpit and related software:

1. Release 2.5 in branch [v2.5.0-maint]

2. Setup tool chain and automatic builds for the Afro ESCs firmware in repo [openrov-simonk]

3. Bug Fix Monday, fix as many issues as possible in [master]

4. Break Cockpit, Dashboard, and Arduino Firmware in to separate repositories [openrov-software-arduino, openrov-software-cockpit, openrov-software-dashboard]

5. First prototype for including arduino code in the plugins package in branch [feature/plugin_arduino]

If you are working on some software, plugins, refactoring, etc... commenting to this post will help communicate to everyone else activity that is going on this week.

Useful links:

* Issue list:



Aehm, when you do the breakout, remember that we have to do things on the build server, otherwise we're going to have a lot of fun!

And dashboard is currently part of the openrov-cockpit debian package.