Software Plan: Week July 7th - July 13 2014


This is a weekly updates that gives a mini roadmap of planned development activity for the week. This is a bit of an experiment to see if it helps everyone get a better feel for activity that is happening in the code base, both internally and from the community.

This weeks high level goals for the cockpit and related software.

1. Integrate pending pull requests!

2. Setup tool chain and automatic builds for the Afro ESCs firmware in repo []

3. Break Cockpit, Dashboard, and Arduino Firmware in to separate repositories [openrov-software-arduino, openrov-software-cockpit, openrov-software-dashboard]

4. First prototype for including arduino code in the plugins package in branch [feature/plugin_arduino]

5. Rewrite the camera module to better support moving to a new camera in 2.7.

Items I am aware of that are in flight in the community

1. @codewithpassion is working on a new selector system for setting options when using the gamepad. He is also refactoring the gamepad and keyboard libraries in the process.

2. Colin and Jim are working on a bridge between ROS and the ROV using our API

If you are working on some software, plugins, refactoring, etc... commenting to this post will help communicate to everyone else activity that is going on this week.

Useful links:

* Issue list:


Afro ESCs are coming along!