Software needed



I just wanted make sure I correctly understood the software needed to work on this project:

  • For the software part, any text editor is fine for the Node.js part and the Arduino IDE for the Arduino part
  • For the electronics: Fritzing to open the fzz files and Eagle to open the .sch and .brd files (in theory one is enough as schematics are available in both formats, but in reality better to use Eagle as the most updated version is the Eagle file)
  • For the frame: for the single parts and the overall assembly .iam and .ipt are opened by AutoCad Inventor, while pdf, dxf and cdr are the files that needs to be printed, and are respectively opened by acrobat, any CAD sw and CorelDraw

Where to get them

Is this the right software? I'm mainly wondering about the Inventor files, because I don't think a OpenSource project should use a software that costs 7k USD, so probably you found a way to use a free version of it which I couldn't find (except the tech review that lasts till end of year, or the trial that lasts 30 days)

Maybe we should make this into a page in a wiki.




there is at least a free Inventor Viewer from Autodesk:

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Too bad it's just for windows :)


I updated the wiki to include that same info.

Please have a look and change if needed:


What versions of DXF and CDR (CorelDraw) were exported? I am having trouble importing the DXF into my CAD program and the Version of CorelDraw I have access too won't read the CDR files.