Sneak Peek: VR Cockpit (Trident Kickstarter Update #5)


Hi. Thanks for all of the feedback. Currently in Florida but heading back to the Turks and Caicos Sunday. I want to check the Case with drone, tether and Rc as baggage but sounds like you all think carry on is better. True?




Most airlines will not let you check in anything with batteries in it. You have to carry it on normally.


I think it is against FAA regulations to check a battery that size. I carried mine throughout SE Asia.



Thanks everyone for the feedback. Will carry.


The hard case is terrific but you need to check in luggage, you need to cable tie the padlock clasp, to prevent opening, I didn’t want to risk damage with baggage handlers on first outing to the Maldives so chose to carry on and avoid the baggage carousel, that’s all, will probably use case on next trip





I was asked by the airline and security to carry my Trident on board, without a case, for an international flight. They didn’t want to check the Trident because it contained a battery.

Cheers, Tony


Hi, So you carried the case with drone inside on to plane and put in overhead bin?


No, I carried the drone itself, leaving the case, tether, etc., in checked luggage; I had a large duffle bag with a lot of other equipment. I just carried the drone by hand through security. Security seemed completely unphased. I then put it in my carryon backpack in the plane overhead, otherwise unprotected. I didn’t have much choice, but the drone was fine.


Thanks. What are the dimensions of the case, as trying to find out if can be carried on?


It’s 8x14x22". At least mine is. I’m not sure if the cardboard box it was shipped in is smaller.


Thanks. That means it qualifies for carry on. Will find out next week. Just down loaded an app to measure it.


THe battery in the Trident - which is sealed in - is right on the cusp of being a carry on item rather than a checked item. THat’s also a consideration while traveling …


Do carry on permissible dimensions vary by airline?


Carry on dimensions and weights do vary by airlines . Domestically, as long as you bag fits in the overhead you don’t get questioned about weight. On some international flights not originating in the US bags placed in the overhead are weight limited and I have had my carry on bags weighed. I think it was Emirates that had a 7.5 kilo weight limit for carry on … Which was quite a shock since my Camera bag with C300, batteries, lenses & aks weighed enough to make the plane list to the side of the plane I sat on and no one ever questioned that in the states.


Hi Nicole,

Having a problem getting the remote control’s battery door to open.

Also purchased extra drone batteries and some have swollen up but have never been used. What to do?