Sneak Peek: VR Cockpit (Trident Kickstarter Update #5)


I’m envious of your clear water. The water here in North Carolina has a root beer color to it, although during the cooler months (and with reduced boat traffic), our water does become more clear.

Fill me in on what the adventure pack and remote are. I ordered my Trident with the Hardcase, Controller, and 25M Tether.


Pack is the case and 100m tether. Remote was not included at the time I got into Kickstarter. How did you make out with Florence?


You’ll like the Case, it’s a very sturdy enclosure, and the unit is well packed in dense foam. I’m not 100% sure about this but I seem to remember reading somewhere that 100M Tether is a back-ordered item, which might be holding up your order. But given your location I can certainly understand why you’d want the longer Tether. Our water is fairly shallow herein the Pamlico Sound, so the 25M Tender worked fine for my general location.

I am located 60-75 miles north of where Florence came ashore. My area received some some wind and flooding from Florence, but it wasn’t too bad here in north eastern North Carolina. Winds gusted here to about 65mph (105khp), and the storm surge created flood waters covering our property to a depth of about 18 inches (45cm), but the flood water receded completely after about 6 hours. Our home’s foundation is raised so no damage or flooding occurred. The only downside for us was all the debris that floated onto our property; sections of broken piers, gas cans, tree branches, and even a couple of small boats floated onto our property. It took me a week to clean up all the debris.

Cities to the south of my location, such as the New Bern, North Carolina area weren’t so lucky. Many homes and businesses there sustained major damage.

Hurricane Michael was pretty much a non-event for our location. Just some wind gusts to 40mph and a minor water level rise.


Received my order with 100 meter tether this past week…original order placed Dec 2017


Good to hear, congrats. That’s a serious sized tether roll! :slight_smile:


Drone, tether, case , and remote being delivered today.


Congrats! That’s great!

As I mentioned previously I was able to successfully download the OpenROV App to my DJI Ultra Monitor. The monitor provides pretty good viewing as well as on-screen controls so the Trident’s Controller is not needed. But my best viewing performance has been with DJI Goggles hardwired to the Trident’s controller using a HDMI-C to HDMI-D cable.

Let me know if you find a way to snap Still pictures with the Trident. I haven’t found a way so far, so I’m thinking of installing a GoPro Camera for Stills.


I use the screen capture function on the Open ROV controller to get still images.


Thanks Andy. I wasn’t aware of that.


To do a screenshot with the JXD just hold down the power and volume down button’s at the same time.


Thanks again Andy. I definitely didn’t know about that feature.




Remote and Trident on charge now. Yahoo. Heading back to the Islands Sunday, so will wait til then to put her in the water.



What I do for stills is do a frame grab in a video editing software. I use VSDC video editor because it’s free and not too clunky.


I can’t find the OpenRov app. Thanks


@balder.matt You mentioned you bought a 2nd Headplay SE headset to take “passengers” for a dive. How are you connecting the 2nd headset?

o A HDMI cable splitter?
o Can a 2nd HDMI capable Android device running Cockpit connect to the Trident and view the Pilot video stream on the 2nd Headplay?



The Headplay SE only has 600 line vertical resolution.

You really need at least 720p for the best image resolution.



Have you traveled with your Trident on an airplane? Any problem as carry on or check baggage?



I’ve travelled with it as a carry-on. I think it’s easier to bring in as a carry on. However, an employee here has also checked it in.


Yes but I repacked in a carry on case and used the padding from the shipping case instead of using the larger hard case there were no problems



I managed to get the trident and maverick, cameras tablets, batteries snorkel trunks and chargers plus odd bits and pieces into one carry case and back pack, worth keeping the packing from the shipping box