Sneak Peek: VR Cockpit (Trident Kickstarter Update #5)


Original post : October 20, 2015

"The VR interface puts you in the cockpit of the Trident, and while it’s very beta right now, it’s obvious how fun it will be when the whole thing is perfected. You can watch the water flow around you, and curious fish faces pop into your view in glorious 3-D. It feels like an amusement park ride–except it’s real. You’re really driving around underwater, exploring."

-Annalee Newitz, Gizmodo

We've been talking a lot about the new VR cockpit for Trident. There's a reason: it's truly game-changing. Everyone we've given the demo to has said the same thing:

"Wow! That's amazing! This is definitely the future."

Instead of watching the video feed on the screen of your laptop or smartphone, you're actually sitting inside your own personal submarine, driving wherever you want. We demoed the latest VR cockpit at the East Bay Mini Maker Faire over the weekend.

Here's a 3D model of the cockpit. The most current version has telemetry built in, too. It will look quite a bit different by the time it ships next year, but this should give you a good sense for how exciting it is:

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Which VR goggles have been tested for the Trident and which equipment will be recommended bearing in mind both quality and price? Please arrange with shortcut/link to the 2-3 most suitable available in the market today.


I am also looking for VR goggle options. I do fly a DJI Mavic Pro and am thinking that DJI’s FPV goggles could be a good option if they would also work with the Trident. Has anyone explored this possibility?


DJI VR Goggles tested against the Trident/JFX S192K game Pad - YES

Connected via HDMI cable with necessary crossover, I had the pleassure of flying the Trident with the DJI VR Goggles.

This was a fantastic experience and we needed no expertise and no adjustment between the two units.
Just know your compass directions including your own location/direction.
It was awsome and great fun.
Will be hard to fly the Trident without in the days to come!
Will have to run to the shop!
Please note that this is a pair of pricy VR Goggles, but if you also have a DJI drone, it’s really worth the dollars.
More testing is needed.

Since the Trident controller is Android, the steering the unit with movement of your head/Goggles do not work.
This may change when we get an IOS version of the OpenROV Cockpit.

Happy diving!


Thanks so much for the input. I sprang for the DJI goggles and they arrived last week. All I need now is the Trident to plug them in to! Hopefully some sort of grabber/claw will become available to attach to Tridents belly.

Thanks again,

Steve Driscoll


Hi all, is there anyway to control the trident via a Android phone in a
pair of GearVR headset and a compatible controller like a SteelSeries
Stratus XL Wireless Gamepad? The headset and controller would only cost
around $175 rather than $500- $600.


This is exactly what I plan to try at some point, but I doubt it unless there’s a similar app to Bigscreen(Windows VR) for GearVR as the trident interface would otherwise need to be optimised for VR display.


If your goggles has an HDMI input you should be able to screen cast your tablet screen on to your goggles, however you will not be able to control Trident with you goggles.

We have tested the following here on our office via HDMI input:

DJI Goggles.

Fat Shark Transformer FPV Goggles

We are looking to test more here in our office. Thanks, Inge for sending over a list of potential VR goggles!


I’d rather see a GearVR mode that uses the gyro’s to do positioning, or a controller for moving the ROV :smiley:


I agree, GearVR and a controller is a about a 5th the cost plus if the
system uses Android already, is it hard to get it working on a GearVR? The
DJI Goggles. Fat Shark cost $600!