Small round pieces from laser cut


Hi, I haven’t started building anything, nor cut anything, but I was wondering what are the small round pieces that are cut from the blue sheet: the one with the cross shape inside, the C shape and the circle one.
I coundn’t find them in the Inventor assembly.


About the one with the cross shaped cut-out I read somewhere here (by Eric if I remember correctly) that it is used for the servo horn.

For the C shaped ones: I think they would be used a a distance disk on the motors. No proof for that though.


Ok.. thx

There are also a few other parts from the blue cut out that are nowhere to be seen in the Inventor files

Let's wait for Eric to chime in :)


I think one of the disks is used as part of the contact in the battery tube. You can see it in the kickstarter video.

I added a page on the wiki with images of all the parts. I haven't done the end cap breakdown yet or these little pieces but I'll add them as soon as I know the real names for them and have an image.


Yeah, seen your work in the wiki, good stuff :)

I thought that as well.. that might be part of the battery assembly, but was not sure.


Cross shape is for the servo on the inside of the electronics tube. And sliptonic is correct, inside the battery tubes.

We're doing a MASSIVE amount of documentation on Sunday. Much more to come, and soon!


Awesome... looking forward to that