Small air bubbles on main tube


I often face small air bubbles and debris pieces that get stuck on the main tube, leading to less clearer camera view. Is there anybody else facing this issue? And maybe had a nice idea about improving this situation?


This happens when the bubbles stick to the outside of the acrylic tube. This is an issue with underwater cameras for SCUBA diving as well. If you do a quick internet search for “air bubbles on underwater camera” you can get some good information. The easiest thing we have found with common items is to wet a paper towel and then add a little bit of soap on the paper towel and rub the outside of the tube and then do a quick rinse. Hopefully this gets you clearer video in the future.


Thanks @Brian_Grau! I will give this a try. Of course I was referring to bubbles that are on the outside of the tube. I however had issues before with lubricant being on the tube. This seemed to blur the view, and the footage was affected too. I feel that soap would have a similar effect, but i will try!


@Fe3C When used on the outside of the tube I have not noticed any blurriness. I would be interested to hear if you do find any. Please let me know after you give this a try.