Sketchup and SolidWorks imports/exports


Eric, Daivd et al,

If I design the hydrophone attachment for the ROV, can you import into SolidWorks? I believe you can but I want to make it easy to share design models. FYI, stereo system with small modular attachment to the bottom of the ROV (or rails not sure yet on final solution). Anyway, I will breadboard the kit over the next two weeks and work out an integration plan for the beaglebone and what not. Design details to follow.

-- Jim


Is there an open source (free) CAD that your and OpenRov's main project can be imported into?


I use sketchup, which is free, unless you buy the 'pro' version.

SolidWorks and AutoDesk are not (at least I'm 90% sure they are not). And out of the price range of most maker folk. I'm looking for the best and cheapest way to collaborate on designs for not only the kit but tool sleds, etc, if the opportunity arises.


Hey Jim (and Eric),

I agree that what would be ideal would be a good "libre" free or at least "gratus" free 3D CAD program, but sadly nothing out there yet seems good enough to be worth using. To get the job done, I still find that the best 3D CAD software is paid. Autodesk Inventor at least seems to be aiming to be more maker friendly which is why I started using them instead of Solidworks which is what I have used professionally in the past.

I think the best open solid modeling format is *.STEP however I admittedly have very little experience using it.

I'm excited by the idea of this hydrophone attachment and I'll do whatever I can to help support your development!



Thanks, Eric. I used to design in SolidWorks as well, loved it, but haven't used it in about 6 years. Haven't done much else but study and code, lol. Now I'm getting back into design. But I digress. Yes, awesome, I picked up components and am strting to hack up a prototype and CAD out the redesign in coming weeks. Another ROV guy out here just ordered the components for the 2.5 and has kicked me back into gear with completing #411. So we wil have the prototype on a ROV testing soon. But I digress once again. More to come.