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How do I download it from github?


You can download it from here:

There is a "Dowload ZIP" link on the right hand side.



Now I don't understand how to install it.

Where and how shall I put the folder?


To install it, I first connected the OpenROV to my home network via ethernet cable plugged into top side adapter. On boot OpenROV gets a DHCP IP address (you can ask your DHCP server which address it got).

Then I unzip'd the plugin on my local machine, then used "scp -r" (secure shell copy program) to recursively copy all files to /opt/openrov/cockpit/src/plugins/...

You can also use file sharing: (scroll to very bottom) ... I haven't tried this way yet ...


what is "scp-r"?

Im quite a noob on programming and stuff....I like plug n play ;)


"scp" is just a program for copying files from one computer to another, over secure shell. The "-r" flag just means "recursively copy all contained files/sub-directories as well".

Probably it's easier if you set up file sharing (from that guide)? Then you can drag & drop the plugin files onto your OpenROV.