Simple float for Trident top side adapter



As I was quite disappointed about the top side adapter not being a buoy anymore, I decided to rig up a test setup. I ordered my Trident with the 25 m tether and this does not give you much reach, when operating from shore. I wanted to try how well WiFi works on water, so I might use the available tether to dive deep and not waste it for getting distance from shore.
I wanted a foldable design for easy transport, so I decided on using the inner tube of a bicycle. This is what I came up with:

The 3D printed center hub carries a mast (6 mm carbon rod from a kite store) to attach the top side adapter and 3 removable arms that twist-lock in place. A 1 kg diving lead hangs underneath the hub to prevent toppling over.
The rubber tube can be removed from the 3D printed clamps, they are not fully closed on the bottom.

The float is quite resistant to cross wind, but it has some drag. I usually drag it in place over my exploring area and then I dive. The draught is only about 15 cm so it can be easily launched from shore even with surface plants. For safety I have a 75 m long rope attached to pull it back in case of emergency.

So far it worked very well. I used it for about 5 h all in all and usually in a range of 50 m to 60 m from where I was standing on shore with my Samsung Tab A as a controller. I only had one freeze or disconnect where I had to restart the app to get it working again. The rest of the time everything worked perfectly.

The next step is a version with 4 arms to get the rubber tube more evenly pressed into the water. At the moment it rides up as the sections between the arms are too long.

Let me know what you think.


Nice job. Was thinking of trying something similar. i like the vertical design to keep the topside out of the water, but would be a little concerned with stability from boat wakes.

May want to consider a dive flag so boaters are less likely to approach too close.


Thank you Oger,

This is gold…


Yes, I was thinking a dive flag would be a great idea. I’ve done diving in New England and would never go out without a flag. The topside is so small, it would be easy for someone to drive over it.


Thank you, you are certainly right about a diving flag. All the lakes in my nearer area are without any motor boat traffic. Usually you do not even encounter paddling boats. But for future use on bigger lakes, I will definitely add a diving flag.


Thank you! With the diving weight of 1 kg hanging below the center hub, it is impossible to topple over. But adding a diving flag is a great idea. If a boat catches the tether or my safety line, I will be in trouble for sure.


If you get too much drag from the ring float you may be able to make it work with a crab pot type float. The barrel float might not create as much drag, and with the right weight it should still keep the topside out of the water.


I decided on the ring float type to get as little draft as possible for launching from shore with shallow waters and see weed. I guess I have to accept the drag that comes with this type of float.