Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds: Maritime Archaeology online course


In case anyone is interested - the University of Southampton are running their Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds course again on starting on the 25th May

I started it last time around, but became too busy to give it the time it deserved. What I did complete was very interesting. I’m signed up again for this time around though :slight_smile:

Link for more information and to sign up is below - it’s free to participate. I believe that if you want a certificate at the end then there is a cost for that - but having not got to the end I can’t confirm.


Looks very cool! I bet it would be very interesting as well…



This looks awesome! I’d really like to do this!



I’m already signed up. Looks pretty interesting…


Thanks Barry,

I have signed up as well.



Totally signed up today!

YES! Very excite. I’m cheating off of your paper, Jim.


I’m all signed up. Just finished my NAS courses


Just signed up myself. Looks like it will be FUN!



I signed up! Looks like the course may be all openROVers!


Are you guys keeping up with the course? I got most of the week 1 material read, but didn’t get to finish it all yet. I will though, by week’s end…and then start on the week 2 material.

Interesting stuff so far!



I missed it but signed up to get notification for the next one. Does this course run 1/year?


This course has now restarted for anyone who wants to take part -