Shipping & Handling Costs


Greetings from Canada.

I was checking the OPENROV store for product updates over the last few days and see that The controller board and Topside Adaptor Board have been added/restocked (both at $120 ?).

I started to purchase a controller board, then came to shipping costs..

The costs are about $42Cdn !

Do you use couriers ie FedEx, DHL, UPS, couriers are expensive.

Usually the couriers also tag on additional charges for "Brokerage Fees", up to $25.

By the time you receive the $120US Controller board in hand in Canada with all the additional costs( S & H, Brokerage, Taxes, Exchange rates) it pretty well costs close to $240 CDN.

Can you use USPS for international shipping, it would be less expensive, though slower.

Giving the customer an option?

I noticed this morning that the Surface Adaptor Board is not shown in the store? Perhaps I am mistaken.




Whoops! Fixed the topside adapter issue!

I'll look into providing the different options. My experience is that USPS is the same price. I'll let you know.