Shipping cost?



I want to buy 2 adapters for the new battery type. total cost is 17 dollars.
BUT.. shipping alone is 53$ !!

This is two small pieces... can*t they just be send in a letter?



Hey Tom

Zack with OpenROV here. I'm talking with the shipping department right now and we've verified that this *is* the price of FedEx international shipping to Norway for the size of the item you're interested in buying from us. Even though it's in an envelope.

We are currently working with USPS and DHL to secure better rates for our international customers and will push those to the webstore as soon as they are available. In the mean time, please send an email to and explain the situation along with your address so that we can check if there's other options.

Thank you,




I could cut the acrylic parts for you and the battery terminals + "fuse" should be easy to source locally...



Tnx alot Peter, but I have already gotten the parts and the ROV is up and running :)

- Tom-Vidar


Good! ;-)