Shark Week ROVs


Shark Week 2013 has started today on the discovery channel and I couldn't be any more excited. For the past three years I have been fascinated, inspired and mortified by the shows on Shark Week, but not until today have I realized the applications ROVs have on studying the sharks. Here are a few.

1. Current studies on sharks use satellite positioning systems to track sharks, but this process lacks the visual part of the study. ROVs instead can be placed in the ocean where sharks are present to provide information on feeding habits, migration patterns and what type of are sharks are in the area. This would be a lot better than throwing a human into a shark frenzy with a camera. Accidents do happen.

2. When sharks are portrayed to the public, people will often think of vicious, man eating animals that will attack the first thing they see. This, however, is not the case, in fact more people are killed by deer, mosquitoes, and the adorable puppy that might be sitting right next to you. ROVs can give the public a deeper understanding of sharks to reveal that sharks are an amazing creature.

3. ROVs can be applied to help the sharks. What always surprises me is that 11,417 sharks are killed per hour. Could we be the real killers? ROVs could possibly be implemented with number two (above) to understand the real story about sharks.

4. This one is a little out there, but ROVs could prove or disprove the conspiracy between the existence of the MEGALODON. Find out more about megalodons on shark week tonight at 9pm PST.

Sam Reynolds


Thanks Sam. Yes, Shark Week is a huge opportunity. My friend Rachel is working all the attention into something positive:


Just became a member of upwell. It is a great website.