Sharing a late Winter adventure

Hello OpenROV community,
I’ve had my Trident since the Kickstarter campaign and today I finally joined the forums. Off the bat, let me share an adventure video:

In the near future, watch the appropriate categories for the following posts / contributions to the community:
-A 3D printable macro lens mount for the Trident (I don’t ROV without it!)
-A 3D printable auto-reel attachment so you don’t have to crank the tether reel
-Instructions to upgrade the Trident for 400GB of onboard storage instead of 20GB (400 proven, probably can go to 1TB with the right $$$, I operate with a 256GB upgrade myself)
-A hack so you can log into the topside unit. Not that there’s much interesting going on there, I thought the Wifi TX was limited in power, but it’s not.
And lastly and sadly,
-My Trident drowned last week so I’m parting it out and selling a 100m tether, 2x 25m tethers, a JXD controller, the old thrusters, and anything else of interest - as soon as my new Trident arrives. (1-2 weeks?) (The Pi already has a new life as a kinetic game controller for kids and athletes. Good thing she went down in fresh water!)

In the meantime, please enjoy the above video.