Sewer Roving


ReVolve Robotics is building robots to inspect sewer lines. Clearly there are lot of cost savings with using autonomous and tele-robots. Their autonomous underwater vehicle design is new to me. I wonder how much one of these costs. Seems like they package the service along with the technology.

I can't help but think a OpenROV + ArduPilot sensors (or waterproofed ArduRover) could accomplish something similar.

VentureBeat reports...

Autonomous roving robots may be coming to a sewer near you. RedZone Robotics just launched a new robot to inspect mid-sized sewage pipes for corrosion, deformation, and debris in order to prevent leaks that could pose health hazards.

City waste water networks are often outdated, decaying, and maintained by skeleton maintenance crews. The EPA estimates that U.S. investments in wastewater will need to increase by over $150 billion over the next two decades to maintain current services. Many water companies have pipes one hundred feet underground that have never been inspected.