Setup for video capture


Can anyone recommend the best way to capture the live video feed from the OpenROV?

So far, I am using VLC to transform the video feed from “http://openrov.local:8090/?action=stream” to a video file. I have tried different setups, but I am not to happy with the result. My video coding setups seem not be ideal (I am working on a mac). There also is considerable lag, even though the CPU is not close to 100%. Any advice?

I am aware that the best solution for this is mounting a GoPro anyway, but I would also like to improve the video capture as well.


Hi Lukas.
I use Screencastify on a MacBook pro to capture the video, then Handbrake to convert the file into MP4 for editing. It seems to work pretty well.
Hope this helps.


I use the exact same process as @e4andy to capture and edit video from the ROV. The benefit of using Screencastify is that you can record the Heads Up Display and other telemetry information in order to understand where in your dive the video was shot.

If you are using VLC you are opening another video port and this is putting extra strain on the BBB in the ROV.


Have you (or anyone else) compared the Screencastify with the VLC as far as ease of use and required features?

I noted that at this time VLC (2.2.4) has a bug where it crashes (windows 10) when capturing the desktop so I can’t even compare the User Interfaces of the two.