Setting up using ubuntu 14.4


Can anybody help me with the initial setup using ubuntu14.4 I get to network....wired.....options .....ipv4 settings....method..... (manual) then the address and netmask. but thats as far as I get . Is there a gateway value? I don't receive the option to save this.


Hey DC,

No sure what you asking. Are you using an Ubuntu computer to connect to the ROV and thus trying to setup the ethernet adapter to the fixed address?

Can you post a screen shot of what you are looking at?

No gateway value.



Thats exactly what i am trying to do. I will work on the screen shot


Hi I can send more screen shots . ( across all the tabs) . It wont give me the option in the ethernet tab to select the address.

59-Screenshotfrom20141217221747.png (129 KB) 60-Screenshotfrom20141217223120.png (156 KB)


this is the Ipv4 tab

58-Screenshotfrom20141217232834.png (514 KB)


Try entering as a gateway value and see if lets you save it. If not, can you post a screenshot with all the things entered?


Hello DC,

I am also running Ubuntu and have attached a screenshot of the network connection settings that I use.

-Brian G.

57-Screenshotfrom20141219155417.png (204 KB)