Set up OpenRov 2.8


I have been working on assembling since last September. I loaded the flash image and followed instructions - the lights just kept blinking. I just updated the new image and will try again tomorrow. Is there any real time help support?


Hello Lenclarkpbp,

Yes, you can contact our support team, We only offer email support at this time however.

I’ll be happy to help you troubleshoot your ROV via email, or forums.


Nima Torabi
OpenROV Support


I have updated the firmware to the latest and have put into the BBB - lights are flashing. Did the BBB have the previous firmware already installed? I typed in the IP address and nothing.

I am getting frustrated as we have followed instructions to the letter and no results.

Please advise

Len Clark


Lights still flashing - unable to ping


Hi Len,

You actually need to update your firmware while on cockpit. The software on the Beagle Bone is not the same as the firmware for the Arduino chip processor on the controller board. The Arduino interfaces with and controls the Analog circuitry, whereas the Beagle Bone runs higher level software tasks like run cockpit.

So to update firmware you will need to open cockpit (once latest software is installed via SD card), and click on the ‘Settings’ tab on the top bar, and then go to ‘Update firmware’. The SD card should be in the BBB when you do this.



where are instructions on how to do this - where is the cockpit?


I update firmware from the “Settings” tab - I don;t understand your comment the "SD card should be in the BBB" I would not be able to update the firmware if that was the case, as it only allowed the uploading from the SD card in the card reader and not the desktop or any other location.

Lights are still flashing.

Please advise