Servo range of motion


Is the servo supposed to be able to rotate the camera platform in the full space available (almost 180 degrees)? I'm using the HS-81 micro hitec servo that came with v2.6 kit. On the OpenROV Cockpit page I can range the servo values from 1150-1850, which rotates the camera only about 90-120 degrees. When it's not powered, I can rotate it freely through the full range of motion until it bumps up against the edge of the electronics platform.

Thanks for your help!


Hi Lila:

The camera tilt range is limited in software (in two separate places no less!) to keep the servo from stripping its gears if the full range of motion is being blocked- either by wires or some sort of mechanical binding.

If you have checked and have a nice smooth range of motion, then try opening up the allowable tilt range in software- see this forum thread.