Servo Motor Buzzing and Overheating


Hello, I am currently assembling ROV v2.8.

My servo motor buzzes and overheats continuously while the ROV is on. The servo does not seem to be able to tilt the camera fully.Also, when I press “A” to recenter the camera, the camera does not move to the center. It tilts up.

Other similar forum posts have suggested adjusting the screw that holds the camera. I’ve tried loosening, tightening the screw, adjusting the camera holder, etc. No luck.

Is there something else I can try? Thanks!


If the recentering command tilts the camera up, then most likely the servo arm is not placed on the servo correctly. If you go back to the Dozuki instructions, you’ll see that there’s a step where you ensure that the servo arm is placed to have equal travel in each direction. If this is done, then the “A” command should center the camera.

As to the issue of buzzing all the time, the servo is very sensitive to friction within the whole tilt mechanism. With the servo removed, make sure that the camera tilt stage moves freely without binding.

Some amount of buzzing is normal, but the servo shouldn’t be overheating.

Let us know how all this goes.



Thank you so much for your help. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Since it sounds like your servo arm may not be centered correctly, the buzzing sound may be due to the fact that at startup the servo arm is being forced into one of the stops which will cause it to buzz and overheat.