Servo Issue


Hi, I am getting there.

Problem: Can't get the servo or props to work. Looks like there isn't any voltage to the pins where the servo is plugged in, but I am not an electrician. Going to test furture.

What I have working: Site, board, lights and camera.

Trouble shooting method: Have taken all connections to the D25 connector off except for tether and batteris. Should the Servo work?

Need help with:

Servo - What D is it supposed to plug into. I have it in D9? If correct should the pins closet to the BB have power? If not correct where should it go?

Next - Propellers - have a wiring question

There are red, black and blue wires, how do they map to A B and C on the D25 connector.

Do I need the ESCs to be plugged in and functioning for the servo to work?



The Servo connects to D11, the image on dozuki is showing D9, but the text says D11, and this is the correct position.

To get the servo to work, a ESC has to be connected, and powered on. the servo gets its power from the ESC's.

See section 61 and 68 on dozuki:

To get the motors to function correctly, follow this guide:

Regarding the colors on the wires on motors: the sequence of the wires does not matter. you can connect the 3 wires in any way. if the prop turns the wrong way, you can either switch place on two of the three wires, or invert it in the cockpit software.


A big thank you. I have everything working so far. Next step tank testing.



had an identical problem to what Bill had. No servo and no thrusters. Programmed the thrusters according to the guide. Now I have the servo but still no thrusters. I'm seeing the values change on the web page but no thrusters.




I know this may be very simplistic but make sure the switch's on the ESC's are turned on after you had finished programming them. Then do the calibrations.


When I follow the calibration instructions my ESC controllers do not respond the way they are supposed to in the instructions.

The instructions say

3. Hold the reset button on the ESC while powering on the first ESC using the switch on the ESC... it should start beeping and the red LED flashing... let go of the reset button. (It will keep beeping which is fine).
4. Press reset once and the green LED should come on and you should here a single beep.

I follow step 3 and everything is okay. But when I press the reset button again in step 4 I don't get a green light, and I get a continuous beep.