Servo buzzing



I have my OpenROV 2.6 complete and everything seems to be in order, with the exception of the servo motor.

The servo motor keeps buzzing in most positions, even the center as if it needs to correct it's position. It is responding to commands and tilts in the right direction, it seems to be calibrated because it goes back to the center when I press "A".

The camera holder can move freely, there are no wires blocking it and the screws are not strongly tightened. I can move it freely when the ROV is off without touching the tube.

I am worried that the "buzzing" would drain the batteries much faster.

Any recommendations?

Is there a way to tell the servo to "stop trying" by software?

Thanks in advance

Fix Servo buzzing programmatically

Is it a clicking sound?


No, the clicking sound only occurs at the extreme position.

The buzzing sound is the same sound that happens when you try to lightly push the camera when it's at rest. The sound of the servo trying to keep it in place.


We currently operate two and both have made that sort of buzzing noise, it seems to be from the weight of the camera platform, and needing to keep it in the same spot. Careful about winding of the USB camera, if the fit in the tube is too tight it can cause a lot of drag on the assembly, one of our servo gears stripped out because of that.


Yes, I have cut/re-soldered the USB cable to the exact length. It was cumbersome and the lids were barely closing. I did my first pool dive today and the camera platform was going crazy (up and down). I managed to find a position (the middle one) where it was stable and I didn't move it since.