Server side API for streaming video



Hi all, I was wondering if there is a published API for the Topside unit at all? I was hoping to pull a video stream directly from topside for online streaming via XSplit. I would love to see a OpenAPI aka Swagger definition if there is any for the TopSide device. I don’t mind documenting one if you need any software dev help.



Here’s an excerpt from email I got from OpenROV Support back in Feb 2018:

We use RTI Connext DDS which is a closed implementation of the DDS standard but you can get a community license for it (see the IRAD ) section on their website).

A couple of open source DDS implementations include eProsima Fast RTPS and OpenSplice DDS. Here are the URLs for those implementations so you can learn more: RTI product options, Shapes demo webb OpenSplice DDS DL ed

Other robotics and distributed systems/projects also use DDS, a primary example being ROS2 which supports RTI Connext DDS and eProsima Fast RTPS.

Eventually we are going to explore developing an SDK as well but releasing such a product isn’t on this year’s roadmap currently.

end OpenROV email

OpenROV has also posted the DDS QOS and types on gitlab that I assume you could use to subscribe to the Trident RPi3B published data :

You might also look at the RTI Connector that has bindings for other languages. It’s a good starting point. Use its reader and writer code to talk to each other and subscribe to the Shapes demo shapes.

Do you have your Trident? Let us know your progress since I haven’t seen other forum members talking about DDS.



Awesome info Bill thanks. Yes I got it yesterday, haven’t gone out with it yet since the weather is so bad. I will have a look. Any work I do I will publish to GitHub. My goal is to build software components that separate Video feed from control. Do you know if they open sourced the Android App at all?


I don’t believe they’ve released any source for the Android Cockpit App.