Serious Dive to 34m


Hey ROVers,

i was asked to make a dive to 34m (arround 112 fee)I have never been diving so deep with my ROV.

However, i definatly want to do this dive.

do you think it can do it. Without further testing?Should i leakproof the tube first?

I'll do that for a company to shoot a picture / make a video of an anchor down there.

If i am successful i'll show you on openexplorer.


I'd be glad if you'd bolster me up.




Hi Tobias:

We have had stock OROV 2.6 vehicles down to ~80m several times, using the standard 100m tether. It should work just fine at 34m.

You should definitely leak-check the electronics tube with a vacuum pump if you haven't done that before.