Serial Number


Perhaps I'm being impatient, but how long does it normally take to get a serial number? I sent out a request last Tuesday. I'm waiting to cut my shell -- I've got everything else cut out and mostly assembled. I'm ready to rock and roll as soon as I get that number.


Hey Michael,

I'm very sorry for the long response.. we've gotten a little bit confused with what the latest existing serial number already issued is and are trying to get that straightened out. Please give us a few more days to confirm this for you.

Sorry about that!



No problem. Thanks for the response Eric!


Hi, good people of OpenROV! I, too, sent a request to and, it’s been about 3 weeks now with no response. It’s already built and operational, though a serial number will give me an excuse to make a new, shell (bending polypropylene without proper equipment is tricky!).

Am I doing the right thing asking for a serial number? Thanks in advance!


@ilebedev You are definitely doing the right thing asking for a serial number! We want everyone to feel a part of our community and have a unique way to identify their vehicle. You can send me an email at and we will get one to you right away. This is the most direct way to contact us.

Do you have pictures from your build?



I have a few pictures, though not much of a build log. I shall write up my experiences building the ROV from largely-scavanged materials in a few days :smiley: