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I am completely new to this and green around the gills.I am currently building an ROV pod and any advice would be appreciated.At the moment I am specking sensors for depth (pressure) and water flow (speed). Depth, Using absolute pressure sensors maybe even three sensors as to gain a reliable result. Ideally one with a foul free surface not open to the harsh marine environment. Speed, I have looked at a few different solutions including a dual absolute pressure sensor to give a pitot reading. Also an LDV sensor May be an impeller with hall sensors but as I have spent a few years building and repairing these I would like to try something else. I am testing an Electromagnetic Current Meter but the size and flow disturbance is to much for an ROV, the LDV may be a better option. Also data logging to create a "black box" for the unit and be able to analyse the data if needed. This would also include a "pinger" for recovery if sudden parameters are reached ie depth ,comms loss,etc Which sensors are you using at the moment any advise would be appreciated, Pat


Pinger for recovery could be overkill due to the big yellow wire sticking out the back of the ROV.

The micro velocity probe is very interesting. Thats a pretty clever device.

As for depth/pressure sensor, i think OPENROV uses one as an optional addon imu/pressure sensor. If i was going to build one I would start with their selection and determine if improvements are necessary, then go from there.


The pinger I had in mind is made by Vemco the V9P due to its size. JW fisheries also make units but for this scale I think the Vemco units are more practical. The pinger could be triggered manually and or from a leak sensor etc.

The MicroV sensor is very interesting and I wondered if anybody had any experience with these?

I shall look into the OpenROV pressure sensor.

Thanks for the advise Im very impressed with this site and its Open way of pooling ideas and experience together.