Selling an OpenROV kit


I have a new-in-the-box v2.7 kit that I have never assembled. I bought it for a project last summer (2015), but some health issues got in the way so I never assembled it. So I’m just going to sell everything I have–the kit, IMU, batteries, chargers, the whole enchilada. Too many other things going on it seems.

So here’s my question: Has anyone ever sold one of these things “second-hand”? I will list it on eBay, but I haven’t even seen anything on there about the OpenROV kits. Maybe there just aren’t that many out there…I don’t know. But I was just wondering if there was someone here who has bought/sold a “used” kit, and if they could offer some comments about their experience in doing it.




I don’t have any experience buying or selling a used kit, but when you do post it on eBay can you link it here, I presume you haven’t added it yet as I don’t see any when searching on eBay. I may be interested in picking up a second/spare parts ROV if the price is right.

Thank you,


Sure, I will link to it. I don’t know how “cheap” it’s going to be though–the thing hasn’t even been taken out of the box, and I have batteries, chargers, a vacuum tester and a couple IMUs. So it’s going to be at least $1000, I would think.

But I will get it listed within the next week. We just got back from a week out of town and I have a few other things to get done with first.

Thanks for the email.



I have listed my v2.7 kit on eBay, along with the recommended adhesives, sealants and applicators:

I have also listed batteries and chargers in a separate auction, but the system won’t let me add a second link to this post. You can certainly find that other auction in my items for sale however.

As my auction descriptions state, I will consider selling these as a package. If anyone here is interested, I can probably make a package deal cost if they haven’t sold through eBay.

Thanks for looking.