Seeking Conservationists to Donate a Fully Assembled OpenROV to


Hello OpenROV Community,

I myself, an OpenROV Team Member that works on Production and R+D, am going on a trip to Bali, Indonesia to run an OpenROV build workshop for Maker Corps. Here, attendees will build an OpenROV to exercise their technical skills, and also donate the finished ROV’s to a conservation group that would benefit from having an ROV to work with, but don’t have the resources to acquire one. In addition to just building the ROV, the units built will be used to document the coral reefs and other areas of interest on the host island of the workshop.

Now that the hard part is all squared away, which is getting the project incorporated, getting interested persons to sign up and the logistics of getting tools and robot parts to a remote island- we are ready to find the right groups to get these ROV’s to! We (OpenROV) know based on the emails we receive that there are a lot of people doing great work in the conservation field that would like an ROV, but either can’t afford one or don’t have the time to assemble one themselves.

For this first workshop, we are going to have a total of 3 v2.8 OpenROV’s built and tested, ready to donate to the right person. If you are interested in applying to receive one of these fully assembled OpenROV’s, then please fill out this form. There are still open spots for this upcoming Bali trip, taking place October 12-19. You can reach out to Maker Corps for more information about this trip and be put on a list for future trips of theirs.

You can more about Maker Corps here.

*Please note- OpenROV is NOT the organizer for this donation program, so we will not be able to provide assistance with this. Maker Corps is a separate entity and has their own agenda.

Feel free to share this info with anybody that would find this relevant! There is no risk in applying :wink:

Best Regards,

Nima Torabi