Second servo pan and tilt


Does the open ROV software support a second servo being added so that I can have the camera pan and tilt? I tried combing through the forum so I apologize if this has been asked before.

I have a blue robotics WEC with the dome and I was hoping to have the camera in the dome be able to tilt like the OpenROV model but also pan to give the camera a greater field of view.

thanks for the reply!


I wanted to use two of these

there is a little bit of a difference between this one and the one that the openrov uses.
I just wanted to check here because I am using the openrov control board.


The hardware supports an extra 2 servo outputs, But I’m not sure if any code to control them has been added to the latest software release. There is a pull request on GitHub for this. If I remember correctly I think @codewithpassion might have a plugin for controlling extra servo’s ???

There is also code to use the servo output to control a strafing thruster Using extra servo control to control a strafe thruster