Seawolf OCEAN MASTER ROV testing video in the sea


Found updated new info on TTRobotix Seawolf “OCEAN MASTER” edition ROV, which debuted January this year at CES. IT looks like a dynamically diving underwater drone control via tether. From the info IT IS capable of reaching 60M deep.


While this ROV looks really cool, the video clearly shows the advantages of the OpenROV or Trident design over an entirely dynamical diving and steering, especially in a rocky and choppy environment like this. Best would be a vectored thrust setup with IMU steering support.


The ocean current in rocky and choppy surrounding makes the ROV moving back and forth under the water. The movement of seawater generated by currents influence the stability of this type of ROV.

I agree a vectored thrust setup with IMU steering support is more suitable for the environment.

Seawolf is a static diving ROV. It can adjust the weight of the ROV such by filling ballast with water. To return to the surface the ROV dumps the extra weight in order to regain bouyancy and return to the surface.

Seawolf ROV has a 4 channels on the controller including a control for the ballast (adding and removing weight).


Ah, you’re right, I forgot that there is also a ballast tank. However, this is not as responsive as a vertical propeller or more of them. On the other hand, under quiet conditions, hovering at constant depth is more efficient with the ballast tank solution, since a neutrally bouyant ROV is never really neutrally bouyant.



Is this ROW completely sealed (except for the GoPro window) like the Trident or can it be opened by the owner to replace batteries if needed ?



The battery can be replaced.


Hi, I am thinking about purchasing a seawolf ocean master. Could you please explain how to hook up a video camera for fpv, as I have a camera, but I don’t know if it is compatible.