Searching this forum for Trident Threads



I’m looking for posts about Trident but when I select “All categories” and tag=Trident I only get one result… Namely “Testing Trident with attached Payloads”.

Surely there must be more than one thread that discusses the Trident… What am I missing?


There are a couple of other topics in other sections that involve Trident, like this one,

but for the technical aspects, there has only been the one you mentioned that has been started so far.


Thanks Brian, I’ve read that one.

On the Trident kickstarter comments page I requested more frequent mini-updates and Eric wrote

yes, I fully agree! We’ve already posted a few things like this (Testing Trident with attached Payloads) on our forums and we’re aiming to have a lot more to talk about very soon

So I expected there to be more than one thread and thought I must be doing something wrong when I couldn’t find any :slight_smile:


We will post topics when we have different sub-systems finalized. The forum is also more about community interaction. If you want to start topics you are more than welcome to. A good one might be “What do you plan to use your Trident for?”