Seahacks: citizen science projects for the ocean


Our friends Ariel Waldman and Lisa Ballard have just launched a directory of ways to participate in sea exploration. It’s a good list of the different platforms that are evolving. And hopefully just the beginning of a very long list!

Check it out:


I will check that out.


Nice link.

I have an idea (came from the hydrophone project) of attaching a tool sled of sorts to the ROV. The Secchi Plankton Study and ocean health X Prize sensors may be able to attach to the ROVs underbelly. Granted weight, drag, etc would have to be consider in the designs since the ROV is small, however, plug-n-play sensor suites would be ideal using node.js as the framework for device communication and data logging. Interesting indeed.


Actually, the Secchi disk would be mounted on the top of the ROV and immedaite measurements would be taken at the stat of a dive.


Thanks for the link David - it's bookmarked!


Eric has experience building tow packages for ROVs. We've talked about it before, but the current design doesn't lend itself very well to it.