ScubaHack: Silicon Valley meets the Ocean


General Assembly in San Francisco is filling up with hackers, makers, and folks from the ocean world (aquariums, conservation centers, and scientists) for Scubahack. The weekend hackathon is being organized by the team at iDive - makers of an underwater iPad housing - and is bussing with excitement.

I think this event is the perfect example of a growing trend: the maker movement intersecting with the science world. Eric summed it up wonderfully earlier this week when he told me:

"I think the maker movement and science community are on a collision course."

I think he's right. From our little corner - the underwater world - there is so much opportunity for makers and developers to improve on the technology.

I'll post a report on Sunday on how the weekend goes.

They've set up a mini museum of ocean technology in one room. It's a great reminder of how much left we have to explore.


Awesome. Completely unaware of this event though, bummer.