Scaling laser on controller board



At the end of step 87 on the 2.6 version build it states to connect the lasers to P2+ and P2-. When I measure the potential difference it is only 0.22v between these points not 5.0v and the diodes won't conduct. Did I make an error ?

Also both leads will not fit into each hole. As they are software controlled I guess there is no other place for them.

I'm a bit confused as how to procede. Any help would be welcome.

Thank you.


Also the voltage between p1+ andp1- is 0.44v. ,no lights on?


to turn on the laser's you need to press the keyboard letter "L" to toggle them on and off.

click the keyboard icon on the top of the task bar to show all the keyboard commands that you can use.

The laser Diodes have a red & black leed. The red must go to P2+ and black to P2-


Thanks David.Its hard to get both leads into one hole, will have to mate them and use a single cable. Figured out the lights as well. I don't have any camera feed as in video though and don't see any command.

Also when I done the calibration and programming of the ESC's whenever I switch one ESC on I get the vertical and port motors working but the starboard doesn't turn at all.Its the same for any one of the ESC's. The motors seem to be turning at top velocity.

Any suggestions?Thanks.


When programming the ESC's do they have to be unplugged from the controller board as I had them all plugged in to headers D6,D7 and D8?

Also the video camera works standalone, will try the reset later to see if it works.


It sounds like you may not be using the proper power source. You will need to use the proper batteries or power supply that can source enough current to run the rov and camera, it should be able to source at least 4 amps for testing. When programming the ESC's yes disconnect them from the D6,D7 & D8 then turn one on at a time when programming them. Once programed connect them one at a time to the header and calibrate them from the cockpit. Double check the programming as they can change on their own if you still run into issues.


Thanks David, will try later when I finish work.Regards,James


Hi David

So far so good, only thing I see I'm missing are the blue circles on the cockpit page to navigate the unit.Don't know how to get them to appear.




The servo doesn't respond to the QAZ commands like it should, there is no corresponding movement of the camera assembly, electronics are ok but the servo grinds a little, how do I test it?


Blue circles

These will appear if you have an IMU installed.

Electronics going into tube and loss of Cockpit.

check to make sure the Homelink adapter is seated properly under the control board

You could have an issue with the wiring on the DB25 connector,use a magnifier and check closely to see if there are any strands of wire touching it's neighboring pins. If the unit is powering up ok and the servo is hissing it could be related to some friction on the camera mount causing the servo to vibrate a bit. If things are working in the cockpit you should be able to move the camera up and down with the Q,A,Z keys, for the servo to work it requires +5v from the BEC on the ESC's Make sure all the ESC's are turned on.


got an IMU connected but no blue circles , have to check for shorts.