Scales on openROV cockpit



I am new to openROV and I have a question that might be obvious but I couldn't find information on that anywhere. What are these two bended scales I see in the openROV cockpit? See picture below (sorry it is not my picture, but I had none else at hand):

<img src='/uploads/openrov/3542/869846c36673ccf3.jpg'>

Only the left one changes when I speed up the motors why is that? Is there a way to get rid of these scales? Well, most importantly I want to know what they are and why I don't see any changes except for the left one.




Hi Carolin

The scales you see in the cockpit are to display Yaw & Pitch of the ROV along with the compass and depth these inputs all come from the IMU. If you do not have the IMU option installed then you would not see these change. If you have the IMU installed and when you first power up the ROV the heads heads up display may not change until you tilt the ROV a bit.

On REV 2.5.xx there is an icon on the top task bar, when clicked on will show you all the keyboard commands. There is one to turn off/on the Heads up display. H if I recall will do this.

The Video you referenced is a dive I did this spring and nice to see that you referenced it.