Salt Away for preventing motor corrosion/sticking


Has anyone used the product Salt Away for the Trident? Even after thorough rinses with freshwater I have seen salt crystals forming by the motors and had the vertical thruster get stuck. It appears what you are actually trying to rinse is pretty well covered with a protective cap so it is harder to really rinse and lube the motor well, and prolonged submersion is the only way to get rid of the salt.

I have been using Salt Away to flush outboards and rinse the boat for years and seems to work very well. My plan is to fill a bucket with it and leave it in the garage to run the Trident in then soak after dives. Will report back on how it’s working.


I hope yoir solution will work ! I have the same problem and each time taking away the plastic cover and dismounting the central motor takes a lot of time and might not be a good solution for the screws.


Please let us all know how this works. Same problems with vertical thruster here.


Unfortunately the weather hasn’t been conducive to water activities lately but will report back after a couple dives


Promising results for the first SaltAway rinse. I took the Trident out yesterday and despite getting the thruster freed up in the garage last week, when I tossed it into the water and it was frozen up again. So I took it fully apart and found the culprit was a small spot of corrosion inside the motor housing, I lightly cleaned it up and put a drop of oil on the bearings. And it worked OK, but sticky and noisy.

After the dive I ran it for a few minutes in a tub of 8 gal fresh water to 1 cup Salt Away, then let it soak for 10 minutes, the motors ran much smoother and quieter, so let it soak a couple hours, even better but still a little sticky. So I took it apart again and polished the corrosion spot with very fine sand paper. That freed it up. The bearings spun freely, no grabbing there.

I’m hopeful that SaltAway soaks will get the salt out of the motor housing as it is pretty much impossible to reach the inside of the motor housing or bearings with a simple rinse with a hose. Not sure why the vertical thruster has more trouble than the other motors, they all look the same to me. I also drilled the drain hole below the vertical thuster just large enough to accomodate the red straw on common lubricant sprays, so that bearing can be lubricated without taking the cover off.


I’m thinking saltaway right after a dive then a shot of PB Blaster. The PB plaster leaves a coat of oil which should prevent and breakup any corrosion. It will leave a little oil slick when you first put it in the water so try to run in a bucket or something before heading out into the wild.


Yep some type of very thin penetrating oil, like PB Blaster or Kroil is probably has the best chance of getting to where it’s needed. Might be worth spinning the motors after soaking to spin out the water before lubing.


After having dismounted several times the 3 engines, I have found a far easier way to clean them and to remove sand and salt. I use an older Oral-B waterpick tooth rinsing machine ( sorry, I do not know how you call this in english) and this is really efficient.