RTI Connext DDS


Has anyone looked at the RTI Connext DDS and their tools / utilities? Seems like some might be useful for viewing / reading the Trident published telemetry data in realtime on another device.

RTI Connext DDS

Programs to obtain free SW if your situation applies:

RTI Open Community Source license for Open Source SW :
Request the open community source license here :

Possible useful utilities / tools :
– RTI Connector for Connext DDS
– rticonnextdds-connector
– Wireshark for RTI Connext DDS
– Connext View
– rticonnextdds-logparser needs Python 2.7 or 3.x

RTI Shapes Demo and Manual for Windows, Linux, Android


I’ve been poking around with Charles proxy, a Mac/iOS client that I think works in the same problem space as RTI Connext. There’s a web API exposed by the Topside unit, with some interesting endpoints. I’ll update the “trident-hacks” Github repo as I learn more.