I discovered this interface a little while ago and just got around to trying it out.


It is really great for running a raspberry Pi Camera (Like I am doing) as an additional rov camera. I am setting mine up to take pictures for Structure From Motion.

It is very easy to set up (you need very very few skills. just cut and paste).
Once installing (and rebooting), you need to configure the camera with:

cd RPi_Cam_Web_Interface

When the config opens (the installer):
You first choose start camera. It will start your camera (I know, duh.) Once camera starts you choose configure camera and select the line that auto starts the camera on boot. (I am noting this because this step was unclear and I thought my cameras were borked)

The interface is simple and allows you to change all of the settings on the fly. It allows you to start and stop videos and time lapses or take pictures and it even lets you reboot or shutdown! OMG! I am very excited since shutting down via ssh is a tedious step. Not shutting down makes corrupt image more likely and my SD card is potted in epoxy with the rest of the board. So that equals brick.

I tried out night mode (I have regular, non-IR camera running) and it has a picture a little brighter than the naked eye. This impressed me, though it is no good for motion, it takes a while to build up the detail. :D.

GoPro underwater Structure from Motion (SfM) / Photogrammetry

I should have noted that the interface works in any browser on the network. You simply type in the ip address of your Rpi. No login required.


Sounds great @Darcy_Paulin

Are you just running the 1 camera similar to your tetherCam (but this time down facing)?

or multiples?


It will be one camera to start. I should be able to retrofit multiples once things are working, by cutting the ribbon cable and peeling off one side of the insulation and using this item you mentioned

[quote=“Scott_W, post:28, topic:2554”]
[/quote]. I have not tried this yet though so…

I bought a raspberry pi camera (but it is not an official camera) with a fish eye lens from http://www.dx.com/p/wareshare-fisheye-camera-lens-for-raspberry-pi-a-a-b-b-black-372156#.VcE_cm5VhBc
It seems to be 160 degree or so. It also seems to have a lot of surface area connecting the lens to the housing. It may be a trick of the lens though. I will find out when I pot it with the lens surface free in the water.

Does the structure from motion software have trouble with images from fish eye lenses? I figured it must not since that is pretty much par for the course with underwater photos.


Actually this is the camera, but without the lights. Just the camera and lens. :D.



I haven’t had a problem with it I have been using a GoPro on it’s widest fisheye (not sure around the 150 degree?) and its been fine