Rozalia Project


I recently spoke with Rachael Miller, who started and runs the Rozalia Project, about her work and got her thoughts on OpenROV. The Rozalia Project is working to remove trash from the oceans, while at the same time working on issues of awareness, education, and engagement.

They're truly an incredible team. I really enjoyed reading about their work and talking to Rachael. They're currently using a VideoRay Pro 4 ROV to do a lot of the trash-picking-up work. Other useful tools for her work include a KCF Smart Tether and Sidescan Sonar. Rachael mentioned a number of issues and features she would love to see solved by OpenROV:

  • 90 degree turning radius on grabbing mechanism
  • A beverage can grabbing tool
  • Some kind of collection basket/device. Once an object is secured, a way to collect or store it.

You can follow the Rozalia Project on Facebook and support their work here.


Wow, they’re doing really incredible work! I’m curious as to what other requirements and needs they have for the robot manipulator. I think having a gripper on an articulated arm would be very useful for many things, including trash picking.