Rowing Across the Pacific - Project/Expedition Collaboration


Hi all! This June I will be rowing, yes rowing, across the Pacific Ocean from Monterey, CA to Honolulu, HI. My rowing partner and I are doing this to raise awareness of the pollution issues facing the oceans as well as for pure exploration. When I heard about the Trident I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to explore below the waves as well! We will be in a 23 foot ocean rowing boat, and we will be without a chase boat or safety launch, taking all the supplies we will need for nearly 3 months at sea. I would love the opportunity to take an OpenROV with us and collect footage along the way! We anticipate seeing all kinds of cool Pelagic wildlife and it could also be a chance to catch some deep water footage in the middle of the Pacific. Sadly I don’t have time or finances to build my own before we leave this summer, but I thought perhaps someone might be interested in partnering with us and loaning theirs to the expedition?

You can check us out at

If anyone is interested in a project collaboration, let me know!