ROVVR- Incorporating Virtual Reality Into Rov?


Using a VR headset to see through the camera of the ROV would be extremely interesting to try! For those of you that want to progress with your basic ROV, this was be amazing!



@2020magnuing We did a proof of concept for this with one of our early Trident prototypes which used Unity game engine and allowed you to fly the ROV inside a virtual 3D cockpit with live video, rendered as if you were inside of the ROV. We are planning on implementing this as a feature in a future release of cockpit using WebVR, such that you could use a full blown VR headset or use one of the mobile headsets like the GearVR, Cardboard, or Google Daydream without needing to install any special software. Keep an eye out in the future :slight_smile:

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I just streamed my 2.8’s video output to a HeadSpace HD FPV headset. It has a mini-HDMI input to receive video from the laptop. That’s not true VR like you are discussing, but I think it will make piloting the ROV easier than staring into a laptop’s screen glare. My thread about it is here



Hi all has there been any update on using a VR headset like Gear VR + controller with the Trident? It seems to me to be an easier way to control the Trident in an outdoor (bright) environment.

Love to hear if its possible




Just pinged Openrov again about this. What is needed for 1st release is cardboard compatibility. Keep it cheap for folks. Fpv sets are pricey. Just split the video feed and align just to get the view correct so you can use your headset and a Bluetooth controller. I may make this my new openrov cause over the next month or so lol. Let’s see what we can do…


VR headset for FPV Trident Flying - On the Cheap and Hacky

Hay Enthusiasts!

Just found a quick fix for getting the openrov cockpit for trident displaying split screen for the headset in android. You need appcloner from the play store and use it to clone the openrov app. This allows for 2 processes of openrov cockpit to run simultaneously on the android phone. Then use split screen to display both instances of the app. Connect both instances to the rov and bam, you have a cheap quick and dirty video feed from the rov to your hopefully cheap vr headset. I picked up a cheap utopia 360 from target for 30 bucks.

Now I just need to figure out the controller that came with it and we are off!



Are you flying the 2.8? Any way to use an iPhone in one of the headsets?



Hi Mike,

Flying the Trident, but this work around should work for anything. It’s rough, but does the job. What we really need to do is branch the repo and create the VR option to have the screen correctly configured.

iPhone works with these headsets as well.

Check out:

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Thanks for the info. Cheap is good. Cheap and simple, even better. I got my 2.8 up and running and took it out for a 10m test run to make sure it didn’t leak and ran into the problem of not being able to see the computer screen. I was out on the end of the Frederiksted, USVI pier in full sunlight which is probably the worst case scenario. It just seems the headset would be the best solution.



A nice FPV system is ideal but I don’t want to dish out the cash at the moment, lol. I was using the box that the trident shipped in as a sun shield but that was just ridiculous.



Good afternoon! I found a program that makes my iPhone a second monitor for my computer. I made two 1/2 screen windows of the cockpit and put the iPhone in my headset. It worked great! I flew the 2.8 around at the end of the pier at 10m for about an hour. It was a blast! The fishermen were amused at me sitting on the pier with my game controller and headset oooing and aahhing. Unfortunately, if I try to record I get what’s on the monitor, namely, two 1/2 screens. Nothing that would be of interest.
This configuration is good for flying the ROV but not for recording. Looks like a shade box might still be necessary :frowning :frowning:



Bummer. There’s got to be an appcloner for iPhone as well. That way when you split screen you only toggle record on the one split and it should record fine. It does on my set up. Got to be a way…



@charlesdc Any movement on using a VR headset with OpenROV? As a huge fan of VR gaming and experiences, incorporating a full 360 VR view (or at least 180) would add a sense of presence to flying the ROV and take OpenROV to the next level. As you said, you could incorporate visual data into the virtual cockpit (e.g. depth, heading, speed, battery power, pitch, roll, etc). I can imagine a real sense of being present inside of the ROV as you drive around in the depths. I can’t stop thinking about this concept and the level of experience it would bring. Anyone who has played Elite Dangerous or any flight simulator in virtual reality will know what I mean!