ROVs needed for Movie


I just ordered an open ROV for my marine science students and thought of a great opportunity for someone who has an OPN ROV already built. Lionsgate and Pantelion Films are making a movie about the four boys from barrios of Phoenix that beat out MIT for the national title in the MATE National ROV Championships.

The film crew is already in Albuquerque where they will be filming the movie and they need ROVs to fill in the sets so it looks like there are 20 teams there. If someone wants to send an Open ROV to the set in New Mexico please let me know we can figure out how we can get one there. I would love to send one from Open ROV. I sent an email to Eric Stackpole, have not heard anything yet. Open ROV will be in a the credits at the end of the movie.

ABC Nightline did a story on us as well.


Brad do you have any pics of these, we are looking for the non pvc look. Thanks


Fredi! Its awesome to see you here at OpenROV! I'm Colin from FIRST team 2134, you guys helped us start our team wayyyy back in the day :). I'll poke Eric and David, and see if we can do anything to help!




Alright FIRST! Its nice to meet you again Colin. Yes please let us know as soon as you can, Thanks!



Can anybody get a hold of Eric Stackpole to see if they want to loan an Open ROV for the La Vida Robot Movie? Collin any luck, time is running out.....We got barely over a week left .