ROVision up on Github!


Bran Sorem has just completed ROVision and it's now live on Github!


"OpenROV is a DIY telerobotics community centered around underwater exploration & adventure." One goal of OpenROV is to have onboard video for live viewing as the user operates the ROV. Enter: ROVision.


We designed the onboard video platform using several key technologies:

Combining these great technologies provides a lot of power and room for future growth. But is also provides well documented means to extend OpenROV. With Node.js and, not only are we able to stream video to a web browser by updating an image, but we are also able to control the ROV and view valuable sensor information. This is just the beginning. Ultimately, we would like to move to a WebM (or similar) video stream from OpenCV, but we need your help. We're hoping that you, the community, are as excited as we are to explore the many uncharted areas underwater. We have many exciting ideas for the future.

Learn more here: