ROV wireless communication

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I am trying to make a wireless ROV with my friend. We are going to control motors with NRF24L01 1km version and we think of using Receiver, Transmitter(TS5823L) products for cam. But we learnt that the radio waves are moving slowly in the water(10 meters and deeper). So my question is can we use these products for ROV? Also can we use a security cam that has a VGA connection?

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The parts you reference are inexpensive enough to set up a simple experiment and test it. I would guess that you will not get a significant signal transfer over more than 0.5 meters. There is a reason virtually all land-controlled ROVs are tethered. Good luck with your designs.

Thank you very much for your suggestions. Is there any other product I can use other than this product? :smiley:

As mentioned, radio frequency EM waves do not propagate well in water. Acoustic modems are used for some non-wired applications, but those tend to be expensive, have only modest data rates, and may not be too reliable in some conditions. That is why most of us rely on a tether for a physical connection.

If you want something completely disconnected, you might think about building an autonomous vehicle instead of a remotely controlled one. That’s just an idea if your main concern is the connection. I think it would be much more complicated, but might be a lot of fun.

Good luck!

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