ROV Software suite 30.1.0 roadmap (in progress)



The next ROV software suite release is slated to be 30.1.0. We are targeting a release in the first half of 2016.

The primary features we are planning in this release are:

The links above are to the github issues that will be updated as development progresses. We are open source, and you can contribute by being part of the discussion either here or on the github issues.

OpenROV Software Stack ToDo list
How to control OpenROV 2.8 from iPad screen, partially working

@spiderkeys has posted some mockups of the work in progress for the mobile support overhaul in the github issue.


This is just GREAT, guys :smiley:
Looking forward to run my V2.6 with this UI, on a tablet and BT gamepad


beautiful !!! will we have laser distance mesurement working in this release?


That is the plan. The video will now be coming from a relative path instead of a separate port, so the there will no longer be permission issues in manipulating the HTML canvas that has the video feed.


Xmas before time!!!


any idea when we can test a pre build?


Having ordered a Trident last week, can I suppose that what I see and read about software and interface apllies also to the Trident ?


Yes. We’re developing the updates for Trident by updating the software for everyone. All open.


That’s good news for all of us ! Thank You !

iPad control ? v2.0

Preview of the mobile theme WIP on different devices:


brilliant!!! any idea when we can give the first try?


Awesome! I look forward to roving with my phone.


Will it be possible to control my v2.6 by touch controls on my Android in this New cockpit?


Whats the ETA on this update?


I don’t have an exact ETA at the moment. Late Friday night we just finished this version for the Pro Camera-HD Upgrade and got that tested and fully working (that was about a 2 week process of testing and bug fixing). We need to go back and add in the code for the current camera and then go through some of this testing again. Once this testing is getting complete I imagine we will start releasing pre-release versions for you to start testing and experimenting with.