ROV running backward


Hello I am Gwansu Lee from Korea. I am a novice hobbyist.

I ran into OpenROV webpage last year and I was so much attracted to it. I decided to make it.

I recently almost completed to build OpenROV( I haven't done deployment yet. I have to buy O-ring first)

Anyway, I hooked up everything into the the board and I found they all work well except for thrusters.

All three thrusters run backward/Dive mode even though I don't press "Ctrl" or "Down Arrow" button( I am using keyboard pad) When I push "Up arrow" or "Shift", they all work at maximum speed in the right direction.

If I push "Ctrl" or "Down Arrow," they all stopped running. I calibrated all the ESCs according to the instruction. I think it is wield.
I don't know well about the electronics. Can anybody help me figure out what is wrong?

Thank you

Gwansu Lee,


If you can take a picture of your wiring setup that would help with debugging your problem!

Also what web browser are you using? We recommend using Chrome because sometimes the other browsers have some issues with keyboard commands.

Also did you put in the program in the right settings for the ESCs? It never hurts to double check. I hope this helps!



Hey Gwansu,

This sounds to me like you still need to do two things with the ESCs:

1. Program the ESCs

2. Calibrate the ESCs

Instructions for both can be found here:

Good luck with your build!



thank you!


thank you