ROV river depolluting


We’re a group of french engineers with a project to design an ROV capable of cleaning river flors.
In most of the big cities, canals and rivers are now full of electronic junk (electric scooters and what not). Diving not very efficient to clean up this mess so we’re trying to build something who can help locating and “grabbing” the garbage, so that it’s easier for a boat to recover.

I’m new to this website and I’m looking for any advice you can give regarding the issues we can encounter trying to stabilise the ROV against a strong current.

We are at a very early stage on our development so every comment is gold for us.



love to hear about initiatives like this! There is small things you can pick up for sure (If you check the thingiverse website you can 3D print your own grabbing arm for the Trident ROV)
However this is a one shot grabber, and the Trident itself is simply not strong enough to grab things like the scooters you mentioned. Perhaps for that a line with strong magnet could be a better solution… will have a think about how to guide those to the items though… tricky one really :wink:

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To recover heavy objects you will probably want to attach a strong “lift line” to the tether with something like tape every meter. The lift line will end in a noose, or grappling hook, or harpoon taped to a stick out where the camera can see it. Also consider a “Happy Hooker” for some types of targets.

Use the ROV to get the hook or whatever attached to the target and back away. Then pull the lift line, the tape breaks, and you pull the target to the boat. Drive the ROV to the boat, reattach the lift line and go after the next target.

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Thanks! that’s more less what we were thinking so, its nice to hear that we’re going in the right direction.

Thanks, the grabber might help with small objects and also we can figure out a way to make it useful to grab the objects and then pull them out with an other system.